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About Travel & Travails

Travel and Travails is about a life of traveling, exploring, learning new things, getting out of routines and on new paths. Life and jobs and children keep us all busy and suddenly we look up and wonder, “Where are we?”

My husband and I and our two daughters moved abroad twice over the course of their childhoods, first when our girls were 6 and 9, and again at 12 and 15 . I chronicle our travels and travails here, as well as the things that motivated us to go, to sell our house, our cars, put our stuff in storage, change our jobs, and make it happen. We lived, learned, cried, laughed and had unforgettable experiences. We wanted our daughters to grow up to be travelers, to be open to change, to act on their curiosity, and to make their dreams a reality.

Travel and Travails is about sharing experiences, creating a travel guide with unique ideas and places, and finding humor and lessons in the unexpected travails of traveling and life. The stories are meant to inspire, motivate, spark an interest in taking new paths whether to new countries, in trying new foods, or in conquering fears.

Journey with me here and consider changing the road your life is on, whether it’s a spontaneous road trip with your family, changing a job for better balance, or becoming location-independent. Go. Explore new ways.

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Author Dee Andrews
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